Why Sell to Us!

Whether you need to sell asap or are just considering selling your house and trying to maximize what you get we have a solution for you! Fill out the form on the right and you will be contacted quickly and in many cases have an offer the same day.

Why Choose Us!
Unlike many of the so called home buyers out there. We actually do buy houses! We aren't just trying to pawn your home to the next investor. This doesn't mean there isn't a place for that, but with no middle man we can maximize your offer, or work out some other scenario that works for both you and us! Not just us!

We understand the many reasons you might be selling and have a solution for almost all situations. Call us or fill in the form and we will talk about all the different options that are available from us buying it quickly for cash to us fixing it for you to get top dollar. We will evaluate your needs and give you some options that work best for you not just an option that is good for us. Other reasons to fill in the form.

We can get you out of a bad situation so you can move on.
Save your credit or keep it from getting worse.
We can help you flip your own house.
Once we purchase your house, you have the option to join our repair program (totally free) Read on for more info.
As stated above, we truly do understand. In fact some of us here have been in the same shoes, if not worse.
Many more reasons

No equity no problem! Is the property in poor condition that's fine too.
We are one of the few home buyers that will look at properties with no equity. If you fit this criteria we can still come to deal that is mutually beneficial. Let us here your situation.

Our Credit Repair Program
With any type of deal we work out you have the option (but are in no way required) to enroll in our repair program. If you have had to get rid of your house quickly because of financial reasons, divorce etc. There is a good chance your credit was hurt. This will possibly hold you back from owning for a while. We will put you in a credit repair program asap, at no cost to you for at least a year, maybe more. During that time you will be given a credit analysis and shown what you need to do to qualify for a home again in the near future, so many more benefits you will have to hear about when you fill in the form.

Every situation is different but usually there is a solution that will work for you. Unlike some investors, we aren't here to rip you off, cheat or scam you. We aren't trying to squeeze every penny out of your situation. We are in business to make a profit but not to take advantage.

Fill out the form and we will contact you asap!

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Latest Testimonials

I had several other cash buyers fail on this property all claiming that their investor's couldn't fund the deal because the area was too rural. KDS closed with no issues and didn't hammer me when there was an issue with the water meter being pulled without my knowledge by the city.

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