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Tips Home Value Increase

5 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you moving to a new city, state or maybe to a new country? You finally got the job that you dreamed about and now, you need to move to another house closer to your work. Well, these are some of the scenarios that lead to selling your house. You have worked hard over the years to pay off the mortgage, so you might as well sell your property at a decent price. There are a lot of factors that affect the home value: location, the current status of the market, agents, etc. However, my friend, it does not mean you should step back and let some uncertain factors determine the price of your house. Instead, the least you can do as a homeowner is reading this article to find out tips that can add up digits to the total price.

Buyers Do Judge the Book By Its Cover

Unfortunately, the famous saying does not apply to selling real estate. You have only one shot to leave a good impression on the potential buyer. The front yard and facade are your weapons to grab the attention of the buyer. Let me simplify things for you, here is a checklist of things that will help you have a top-notch front yard and facade:

  • Power Wash Your House
  • Paint the Front Door
  • Change the Mailbox If It Looks Old and Dirty
  • Polish the Driveway
  • Pull Weeds and Plant Flowers
  • Trim the Grass and Bushes

These are easy things even your child can do that will make your house look neat․ If you are planning on selling the house, get started with this list.

Floors and Walls

No one wants to buy a house with squeaky or crooked floors and walls painted in freakish colors. Sure, maybe you liked having an orange themed bedroom, or a pink bathroom but the potential buyer might not. Before putting your house on sale, do a quick makeover of the house and pick neutral colors. As for floors, fix any problems that you have noticed. Replacing floors tends to be quite expensive and the purchasers will definitely pay attention to it.

The 2 Most Important Rooms

Real estate agents unanimously claim that the 2 rooms that will sell your house are bathroom and kitchen. Why? The minimum cost of renovating a bathroom is $2500 and $4400 for the kitchen. It is only logical that buyers would prefer not to worry about these 2 spots and purchase a house with good-looking bathroom and kitchen. I am not saying go and spend that much money on renewing your kitchen and bathroom, it doesn’t make any sense. However, I am going to give you another checklist:

  • Fresh Paint
  • New Cabinet Hardware for Kitchen
  • Keep Both Rooms Clean and Aromatic
  • Add Lights
  • Take Care of the Routine Maintenance Items

How Many Buyers Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb

I don’t know the answer either but what I do know is that you should add lights to your house. You want your house to look warm and welcoming and trust me, lights can carry that task. First, replace the main sources of light with brighter ones, maybe add some extra outlets, then move on to small ones like table lamps.

Make Your House Look Spacious

The last tip I want to share with you is creating space in your house. It’s surprising how small things can create the illusion of space. Remove big pieces of furniture, light-colored floors, mirrors and no doors are some of the hacks you can use. As a matter of fact, the previous point we’ve discussed - lights, are essential to spaciousness.


I understand your reluctance to spend money on the house that you will no longer be living in. Nonetheless, selling it at a good price should be your priority and as they say it, “the end justifies the means.”

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