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Home Inspection Before Buying Lewis County

Reasons to Schedule an Inspection Before Buying in Lewis County Washington

You wouldn’t buy a used vehicle without having it checked by a knowledgeable mechanic don’t buy a home without having it checked by an inspector. Always remember that buying a home is among the most crucial investments that you will ever make in life. Therefore, make sure that you take the right steps throughout the process of buying a home. Don’t skip an inspection for the following reasons:

Spot Obvious Home Defects

A home inspector conducts careful and extensive visual examination of a home. This enables them to determine its physical condition including the components and systems in it. Professional Lewis County, WA home inspectors adhere to high practice standards to ensure that they establish the actual condition of a building.

The inspector is responsible for spotting defects and signs of potential problems. They also provide advice to home buyers to ensure that they make informed decisions. If you are not a professional home inspector, you may not differentiate a serious foundation problem and a minor crack. That’s why you should never skip an inspection when buying a home.

Relatively Inexpensive

Home inspection in Lewis County Washington is not that expensive. In most cases, home inspections prices range between $300 and $600 depending on the property size. Since buying a home is a large investment, spend this amount to get a report that will enable you to invest wisely. Don’t buy a home without an inspection trying to save and regret later when faced with costly repairs.

Peace of Mind

You want to invest in a home that you know is safe and solid. If you buy a home without having it inspected first, you will create unnecessary and additional stress and anxiety. However, when you have your home inspected, you ensure your peace of mind knowing that you are buying a safe and solid home.

Forecast Possible Future Expenses

Buying a home is an investment that can deplete your bank account. It’s therefore important to know the expenses that you are likely to incur after buying it. Though there are no guarantees, an inspection enables you to predict possible future expenses. That’s because a home inspector will indicate furnace or roof whose life expectancy may be nearing the end. Thus, a home inspection enables you to plan for future expenses.

Essentially, an inspection will enable you to know potential expenses that may be necessitated by:

  • Appliance replacement or upgrade
  • Windows and roof repairs
  • Air conditioning repair or replacement
  • Plumbing and heating systems upgrades
  • Electrical repairs


When you know such potential problems, you can negotiate the price of the home that you are buying by considering potential repairs, upgrades, and replacements. Therefore, talk to your realtor about inspection before you buy a home in Lewis County, Washington.

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