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You Want to Live in Tacoma WA

Why You Want to Live in Tacoma Washington

The state of Washington is generally one of the most beautiful, diverse and prosperous places to live in the country. Tacoma, Washington is no different than the overall statewide trend. Moreover, it is in fact, among the best and most recommended cities of Washington to live, work and study in. Want to know why? Just keep on reading to find out why Tacoma is great and what’s there to do in this city.


Nature and Recreation

Tacoma is a very nature-friendly city. Apart from being very clean, the mere fact of being surrounded by the Puget Sound is enough motivation to go out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The water is one of the most favorite parts about the city for the majority of the locals. People walk there, run, exercise and simply enjoy the outdoors all year round. The waterfront also offers residents and visitors the best restaurants to try seafood and enjoy eating out. Another great factor is that Tacoma has the second largest inter-city park in the US, which is an amazing place to spend time with family, friends and even alone. Visiting this park is another “must to” for anyone that comes to Tacoma. The Zoo is another great place to go to, which means that if you are moving to Tacoma with your family, your kids are going to love it.


Housing Options

The housing industry of Tacoma is very diverse. You can find nice and affordable housing options along with fancy and modern expensive properties. The market has great options for everyone - and the median home value in Tacoma is around $203,600. This will give you a good idea about the level of affordability and cost of living in the city.


Work and Study

Tacoma is a great place to for your children to study. The public schools of Tacoma are considered to be very good by the population that attended them. 94.2% are employed, which speaks of good economic conditions of the city. There are a lot of opportunities for work and growth. People who own their businesses in Tacoma think that city is a great place to live and work in. And what is a better motivation than that?


Life in Tacoma 

As people living in Tacoma love to claim, “There’s always something to do in Tacoma.” You will never get bored in this city. And in the rare possibility that you do, you can always drive to Seattle in less than an hour and enjoy the busy city life. Overall, Tacoma is a healthy balance of countryside with a little city-style busy environment. It has a variety of interesting museums, such as the Museum of Glass, Tacoma Art Museum, Washington State History Museum and others. Tacoma is one of the nicest places to live and work. It’s a great destination to visit as a tourist as well as move to spend your life in. So if you were wondering whether or not to move to Tacoma, these reasons should be convincing enough for you to do so.

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