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Reasons to Reduce Sale Price

Reasons to Reduce the Sale Price of Your Home in Chehalis, Washington

Although you want to sell your home in Chehalis, Washington at the best price, there are reasons that should compel you to reduce your asking price. For instance, your home could not be selling even after being on the market for months. This could be due to various reasons that you can’t control. Such reasons may include more homes for sale in Chehalis, a unique layout for your home, or homes that have alternate features than your home.

However, it can also be due to factors that you have control over, like price. In that case, you should think about your home sale price and consider reducing it. Here are some of the reasons why you should reduce the sale price of your home in Chehalis, Washington. 

Fewer Lookers

Your home may attract a lot of attention from prospective home buyers immediately after listing it in the market. That means more prospects are interested in it. However, if these prospects call but never visit to view your home, it means your home is overpriced. In that case, consider reducing the sale price of your home.

More Lookers but No Offers

If your home has attracted many potential buyers that have come to view your home yet none has made an offer, you need to consider your sale price. That’s because it means your home is attracting prospective buyers but the set price is putting them off. A high price discourages home buyers from making offers.

Your Home Has Been in the Market Longer

Perhaps, similar homes have been listed and sold while yours remains in the market. If similar homes are selling within 30 days and yours has been in the market for 45 days yet you haven’t received offers, consider reducing the price. Remember that if your home stays in the market longer, buyers might think that something is wrong with it. This will delay the sale further.

Time Limit

Maybe you are selling your home fast due to a job transfer. Perhaps, you have a date to report to your new work station. You may have also bought another home and you don’t want to incur more expenses in the maintenance of two homes. In that case, you can reduce the price of your home to sell it faster. Remember that the sale price of your home is not determined by the amount that you want. On the contrary, it is determined by the amount that the buyer is willing and ready to spend.

You Can’t Afford Upgrades

Maybe you don’t have money to put on a fresh paint coat on walls, improve curb appeal, or clean carpets. This can compel you to reduce the price of your home so that you can sell it as is. A reasonable buyer will negotiate a fair price by factoring in the necessary repairs.


There are a variety of reasons to reduce the sale price of your home, these are just a few. It is wise to separate yourself emotionally from your home and look at it as an unobjective buyer. To make things even easier and get a fair deal when selling your home in Chehalis, Washington, consider selling it as is to cash home buyers. Call KDS Homebuyers now to request a cash offer for your home as is!

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