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Code Violations

Selling Your House with Code Violations

When you decide to sell a house with code violations in Edgewood, Washington, you are bound to face several issues. 

Common among them include:
•    Limited buyers because many buyers don’t want to handle code violation issues after buying the house. 
•    Financing complications because many lenders won’t lend buyers that want to invest in properties with code violations. 
•    Significant costs if you decide to correct code violation issues. 
•    Long escrow wait period because of the complex due diligence process. 

It’s important that you walk through the house identifying all code violation issues. If possible, address code violation issues before they escalate. Nevertheless, selling a home with code violation can be easy if you know how to go about it. 

Explore the Options

  • Put up enough money and fix the issues- Talk to the local housing code enforcement authority to find out what you should do. Ensure that the code enforcement is updated on the progress. It’s important that you examine cost and calculate the amount you are likely to get from the market when you sell the house after fixing the issues. This is important because fixing some code violation issues might not be worth it. For instance, if you just need to do simple mowing and landscaping to fix a code violation issue, then it’s most probably worth fixing. However, some code violation issues are bigger and they might not yield significant returns on investment. Basically, you need to know the returns you will get after selling a house with code violations if you repair it first.
  • List your property and sell it as is- If you realize that you can’t recover the money that you spend on fixing the violations, sell your property as is. That means you skip repairs when listing the property and the buyer won’t ask you to repair it. When you put up your property for sale as is, buyers will make you offers knowing that they will fix the issues after buying the house.
  • Sell to cash buyer- Cash house buyers in Edgewood, Washington purchase problematic houses and pay in cash. A cash home buyer will make you a cash offer after valuing the house with code violations. They will pay you in cash and close within days because they don’t depend on financing to buy houses.


Selling a House with a Tenant Occupying It

If you want to sell a house with code violations that has a tenant living in it, make sure that the tenant attends your meeting with an enforcement officer. This will enable the tenant to understand the code violation issues and what should be done to make the property comply with the code.

Review your lease with the tenant to determine whether the tenant has liability. A carefully drafted lease will, in most cases, contain a language that requires a tenant to keep the property well maintained and in compliance with the code. Note that though the tenant might be liable to you as the property owner, are answerable to your local government and you have to make the property compliant with local codes. Update the code enforcement officer about your progress when you decide to fix code violation issues.

Generally, selling a house with code violations in Edgewood, Washington can be challenging. However, you can make the process easier by selling the house to a cash buyer. Call KDS Homebuyers now to sell a house with code violation as is for cash!

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