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Sell House as-is in Lakewood WA

Reasons to Sell Your House in Lakewood Washington as-is Instead of Using a Realtor

Selling your house in Lakewood, Washington as-is provides a more attractive alternative to selling with a realtor or even taking the “For Sale by Owner” route. KDS Homebuyers is a reputable cash home buying company in Lakewood, Washington. We buy homes in their condition without asking owners to repair them first. Thus, you sell your home to us without spending money on its repair. Once you schedule a home assessment or valuation with us, we will make you a cash offer based on our assessment or the current value of your home. What’s more, you will receive cash for your home sale within days.

Efficient and Speedy

In most cases, a home sale takes 30 to 60 days via the normal home sale process. However, this depends on the location and whether the buyer needs or qualifies for a home buying loan. Additionally, when an inspection reveals serious problems, the sale can fail or take longer. That’s because repairs extend the time taken to close on a home. However, KDS Homebuyers can make you a reasonable offer today regardless of the condition of your house and close the deal within days.

Ease and Simplicity

When you decide to sell us your home in cash, leave stuffs that you don’t want in your home. We will take care of them once we buy the house. Basically, you don’t have to repair your house or update it before you sell it to us. You also don’t have to remove personal items that you no longer want from the house. Just take what you want and leave the rest to us. Once you sign the contract, we will handle everything else.

No Closing Costs or Commissions  

Realtor’s commissions total to about 6% of the home selling price in most cases. When you add this to the share of the closing costs for the seller, commissions and the other fees, the percentage ranges between 6 and 10% of the home sale price. This is a significant amount to let go when selling your home. Even when you take the For Sale by Owner route, you will still pay the closing costs and other fees. But, when KDS Homebuyers purchases your home, you avoid sales commissions and receive the amount that we state in our offer.

No Inspections

In most cases, house sale contracts are generally contingent upon the approval of an inspection report by the buyer. If the report reveals a condition or issue that the buyer doesn’t like about the house, they can pull out of the deal even if it’s in the last minute. That means you might have to start the process again. With KDS Homebuyers, an inspection is not necessary unless you need it. We buy your home as is regardless of its current condition.

No Credits Requests or Repairs

If you follow the traditional home sale method, you might be asked to make repairs or give credits towards the repair costs and upgrades at closing. This reduces the purchase price of a home. Thus, you will end up with less money when you sell your home via a traditional method than when you sell it as is.

KDS Homebuyers will never ask you to give credits or make repairs when you sell us your home as is in Lakewood. Call us now to schedule a viewing or assessment visit to sell your home as is to the leading cash home buying company in Lakewood, Washington!

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