5 Ways a Cash Home Buyer in Washington Will Help You

Cash Home Buyer
When the time to move out of your current home comes, you will have many options for selling it. You can sell it yourself through the For Sale by Owner method, you can hire a realtor, or you can sell quickly to a cash home buyer like KDS. A cash home buyer in Washington can help you in many different ways that go beyond just buying your house.

Property Requirements for Lenders that Every Seller Should Know

Lenders Condition Requirements

When selling a home in Washington, you should know the minimum property standards set by the Federal Housing Administration program. These are basically the mortgage requirements that home buyers must meet when applying for a loan. Essentially, when buying a home in Washington, an individual that follows the conventional method has to meet these conditions to qualify for a loan. The condition of the home for sale that the applicant wants to buy will determine whether they qualify for a loan or not.

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