How to Find a Good Realtor

Find Good Realtor

You decided to sell your house and since you stumbled upon this article, it means you got to the we-need-an-agent part. Congratulations, your first step toward finding the perfect Realtor is successfully completed because this article will teach you the ins and outs of Realtors. Before we go any further, I want to underline the difference between Realtors and real estate agents. Yes, there is a difference.

Selling Your House: The Power of Negotiations

Selling Negotiations Power

Hiring a Realtor, putting the house on sale, getting a good offer, selling the house and being surrounded by loads of boxes. This is how selling a house goes in a country called “Imagination.” The process of selling a house requires far more steps and effort. We can to some extent, think that the first 2 and last 2 steps from “Imagination” are true but getting a good offer right away is impossible. Oops, I should have said “Spoiler Alert” first.

Selling Your Home in Bonney Lake Washington- What You Should Know

Selling Bonney Lake You Should Know

Choosing the time for buying or selling your home is among the most important decisions that you may have to make in life. In fact, this is a financial decision that may affect your path to financial independence. For many people in Bonney Lake, Washington, home equity is still the largest asset on an individual’s net worth statement. The rate of homeownership in the U.S is less than 64%. Thus, potential home sellers may be excited to learn that home sales are still going up.

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